Logo der Haag Management Group

Our values and principles

The basis for successful collaboration is trust. We, the founding shareholders of HMG AG know and trust one another from our long standing and intensive work together as a management team.

Since we are often asked to run a business, trust in leadership is the scale according to which our actions are measured.

We see strategy and leadership as the key factors for sustainable business success.

For us, successful management needs the following skills and attributes:

  • A clear market focus and at the same time the ability to increase operational efficiency
  • An instinct for the potential that can be realised in the company's markets
  • A quick and clear insight to where inefficiency and unnecessary costs are present
  • The strength and energy for clear, coherent and targeted action
  • An understanding of the feelings and attitudes of the personnel in your company

We link the success of a business management to the following points:

  • cogently crafted strategies
  • convincing, realistic and innovative decisions
  • sustained enterprise growth
  • sales margins
  • installed control mechanisms
  • employee support
  • open and clear communication within the company
  • consistency and persistence in pursuing company goals
  • sound company reporting