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HMG Beteiligungen AG

HMG AG consults and invests in medium-sized companies and family offices in the following industries:

  • Machinery and machine tools
  • Drive train technology
  • Plastics
  • Electric and electronic engineering
  • Wood working
  • Automotive technology and automotive supply
  • Wholesale

These are solid, innovative and sustainable industries which are, traditionally, especially strong in Germany and lead international competition.

The aim of HMG AG is to buy small to medium sized businesses (€5 - €50 million in sales) in these sectors with a management buy-in approach to exploit fully their potential in the global market.

The management board of HMG AG is made up of Walter Kießling who has a long and successful career in top management.

We believe that one characteristic of HMG deserves special mention: during their assignments, members of our management board or CEOs from our wide management pool benefit from the full guidance and technical support of the management and supervisory board of HMG AG. Because we complement each other with our respective backgrounds and abilities, we combine concentrated top management expertise and perfect teamwork. This allows us to provide the ideal CEO in our specialist sectors in almost all cases.

Is your company in one of these industries? Are you looking for investment or a successor? Then we are sure that we are the right partner for you.

It is important that your company has high earnings growth potential, e.g. in fields such as

  • Growth by opening up global markets
  • Growth by opening up new fields of application of existing products
  • Growth through innovation
  • Process optimization and efficiency improvement
  • Restructuring

Our business model as part of an investment or acquisition is that we

  • Acquire a controlling interest together with a co-investor
  • Take over the operational management of the company with a CEO from the HMG AG
  • Significantly expand and develop the business base of the company
  • Fully exploit the earnings potential of the company

We have good experience with corporate takeovers in the wake of a succession plan that guarantees the business owner that his business will continue under the management of a proven leader.
We also target companies that are in bankruptcy or in which we start with a minority stake.

A list of our current holdings can be found here.

References from our CEO management pool can be found here.

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